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We believe at Flex Advisers, the quality of water that enters your home is essential to the overall health of your family. We also believe affordable renewable energy is a wise investment for our economic and environmental future. Clean air and clean water are essential human needs poorly addressed by our local municipalities or utilities. You’ve taken the first step toward energy independence and protecting your family against harmful water contaminates. Not only are you at the forefront of the water and power evolution, but you’re insulating yourself from potentially volatile utility rate increases while reducing harmful traditional CO2 emissions.

Flex Advisers empowers you to control the quality of water that enters your home and power your home sustainably with affordable solar energy. We invite you to submit your information below and we will reach out to you soon to schedule a water test and/or energy assessment.


Do you believe clean water and power must be our future? Our Advocates are on the front lines of a clean water and power evolution. We feel our advocates should be rewarded for contributing toward that change. As a Flex Adviser water and power advocate you have the power to make a positive impact for the environment and your communities quality of life. What’s a advocate? It’s someone who actively introduces their friends, family, and neighbors to Flex Advisers smart water and power solutions.

When you share your experience with others, you earn rewards! As a Flex Advisers Advocate, you can share the benefits of clean water, more affordable renewable energy and earn rewards for both referrals who install a state-of-the-art solar energy system and/or our innovative smart water solution.

6 Reasons to Work Together


Longevity & Consistency

Our installation partners and suppliers have been in business decades and we are proud to bring their depth of experience to our clients. It’s no wonder our installation times are among the industry’s fastest with next day water system installs and 36 days on average for solar – we’ve teamed up with the best in the business!


Leading Warranties

Every Flex solar installation comes standard with 25-year equipment and installation warranties on all components (solar panels and inverters). Water system installations are 10yrs manufacture warranties but have a vessel expectancy of 25 plus years. While many others claim to offer similar warranties, our installation partner has four decades of business operations to back it up. Few if any other solar providers have such a long and consistent track record of performance.

We Know Roofing & Solar

It goes without saying that a solar installation impacts the roof it is built on. Having a solar contractor that is also a roofing contractor ensures that your roof will be treated with the respect it deserves and that we can perform any roof repairs necessary to facilitate your solar installation. It also means that we can tackle the tougher roofs like clay tile, metal, and flat roofs that many other solar contractors avoid.

We Will Save You Money

If we can’t save you money on your monthly electric bill or recurring water cost, we won’t sell you a water or power system. Period. During our discovery process, we will determine if you are a good candidate. It will be during this time that any potential savings will be uncovered and reviewed with you. Hopefully, we can save you money, but if not, clean water and power are probably not a suitable option for you. However, you may still be able to offset your homes expenses as a Flex water and power advocate.


Only The Best Technology

Flex Advisers offers premium equipment for both our clean water and power systems. Using tier one solar panels, inverters, and equipment. We select our suppliers based on four core principles: longevity in business, quality of product/warranty, strong balance sheet, and innovation of the suppliers research and development commitment.


Customer Experience

With decades of combined clean water and power experience, Flex Advisers seeks to provide an exceptional customer experience from design, to financing, through installation, final Inspection, and utility interconnection. We want you to feel informed throughout the entire process so that your experience is as seamless as possible by taking accountability for our actions, safety, conduct and posterity.

By switching to solar, you are now in CONTROL of your energy costs.


  • Step 1


    Each panel contains photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.

  • Step 2


    The DC electricity from the panels is sent to an inverter, where it’s converted into standard alternating current (AC) electricity used in your home.

  • Step 3


    AC electricity travels from the inverter to the e panel (also called a breaker), where it’s distrib throughout your home.

  • Step 4


    The meter continually measures your electricity supply. When your solar power system produces more energy than you need, the excess energy is fed back into the grid and you accumulate credits with the utility company that will offset your nighttime usage.

  • Step 5


    You’re still connected to the utility grid. This ensures you can always draw power whenever your family is using more electricity than your solar power system is producing, such as at night.


  • Step 1


    One of our site surveyors will visit your home to gather the technical information and measurements needed to design your solar energy system. The survey takes a few hours. We’ll need access to your roof, attic, electrical panel and your internet connection.

  • Step 2


    Our engineers take the information gathered from the site survey and use it to design a custom system that works with your roof and meets your energy needs. The system design is similar to a set of blueprints, and outlines what your system will look like, installed.

  • Step 3


    Once the design phase is complete, we submit the plans to your local city or county government for a building permit. It may take a few weeks for your plans to be reviewed and approved.

  • Step 4


    The majority of our installations take one day or less. We provide you with a start-to-finish schedule so you can plan your time around the installation. Our installation team will complete the project as efficiently and safely as possible.

  • Step 5


    Once your new system is installed, we’ll schedule an inspection with your local building department. Unless otherwise specified, there’s no need to be home for the inspection. A representative from the utility company usually performs the final inspection before your system is connected to the power grid. This inspection can take up to 30 days

  • Step 6


    It’s time to enjoy the benefits of clean solar energy. After receiving permission from your local utility and Nexus Energy Customer Care, you can turn on your system.

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